May 2009 (3)

No Blog For Thirty Days    Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda    Estupido


April 2009 (3)

It's April Already!     Pot Should Be Legal

The Stealth Food Bomber


March 2009 (5)

Earmarks, Smearmarks     All Blogged Out

I Earned Every Penny I Have     What a Way to Go

The Obama's Are In London

February 2009 (3)

Let Sleeping Groundhogs Lie     Same Old Partisan Politics     

Let Capitalism Ring

January 2009 (4)

Another New Year... yay      43, 44, What's the Difference?

At Last!     Innocent Until Proven Guilty

December 2008 (5)

W Is For Weasel     Innocent Until Proven Guilty   Blagojevich

I Feel So Used      United States President Juan Rodriguez

November 2008  (6)

Commuting Sucks!     O! O! O! OBAMA!     Failin' With Palin

Damn That Nader      Where Were You On November 22, 1963?

A Very Happy Thanksgiving

October 2008 (8)

A Subway Series?      Feelin' All Right

Hunker Down, It's Gonna Get Worse     Happy Birthday!     

Early Voting, It's About Time!    Sometimes I'm Happy To Be Wrong

SHUSH! Don't Say Landslide!     Poised For Greatness

September 2008 (6)

Bears Will Be Bears     Country First     Palinoscopy

I'll Be With You In A Moment      Money Is The Object

Stealing Time From Tomorrow

August 2008 (6)

Can He Make The Speech?      McCain Favored By The Red State

Bitin' Biden     Praying For Rain

Experience Matters, Except When It Doesn't     Hold That Line

July 2008 (7)

Patriotism With A Bang     Three Years And Counting     

Never Admit Defeat, Call It Something Else    Hitch Yourself To A Falling Star

Are We There Yet?     Let Our People Go     Media Bias

June 2008 (8)

Meet The Press Secretary    Emotional Inertia    Verbal Eloquence Is Confusing

Thank You Hillary     Living At The Speed Of Time    Timmmmmber!

Just Say, I Love You    Reform This!

May 2008 (8)

A New Henry Ford     Two In The Head

Everybody Has To Take A Crap      Congratulations Graduates

Race In The Race     The Barn Horse      Thank You, Really!

They Called Me Mister Rules

April 2008 (8)

April Fool     Whip Me, Beat Me, I Win!    Olympic Metal

The Dark Side    The Donkey On My Back     Happy Birthday Mom!

Sound Bites Bite!    Bustin' My Buttons

March 2008 (8)

Dorothy, You're Still In Kansas     Lincoln Was No Lincoln 

The Seven Deadly Sins     The Oldest Profession      Twelve Happy Men

 Celebrate Diversity    Five Years Too Many     Better Off Dead

February 2008 (6)

Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama   Super Duper Alli-Uper Tuesday is Over

Happy Valentines Day, Barack!     Like a Rock    

Nader : The Democrats :: Vader : The Force

Ten Years After, Thirty-eight Years Later

January 2008 (8)

Happy 2008!      O Me, O My, Obama!  

The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior

Twist and Shout   A House and Senate Divided   

Worst to First     If It Seems Too Bad To Be True...

Enough Insults!

December 2007 (7)

The Pressure Is Off     Tina Fey Is My Favorite Geek Girl!    

     You're Killing Me! No, really!     Thank You New Jersey!    


The Perfect Game

November 2007 (4)

Daylight Slaving Time     GOD BLESS OUR VETERANS    

It's My Birthday... whoopee.     Thanksgiving

October 2007 (2)

Happy Birthday To You!     I Still Hate Halloween

September 2007 (6)

Dying in Vain or Dying in Iraq     The Biggest Problem With Dieting

Republicans Are Tough On The Constitution     Shedding the Wait    

The Greatest Story Never Told     Will the Guilty Party Please Give    

August 2007 (2)

Gays on the Left, Gays on the Right    Da Bears... Again

July 2007 (2)

The Right Thing To Say      Let Fighting Dogs Bite

June 2007 (2)

Have a Little Faith     I'm Lucky, You're Not, So Screw You!

May 2007 (3)

It's May Day, Not My Day    Payback is a Bitch    Pop Goes the Paparazzi

April 2007 (11)

I Won the Lotto     About My Blogs     Imus Protest   Green Zone Blown

It's Not a War!    Give Me Liberty or Give Me Teeth!

Murderous Rampage     Guns and the People Who Care

Self-Censored Freedom of the Press    Happy Birthday Mom!

Articulate Is Bad?

March 2007 (5)

Remembering Grams     Loyalty Run Amok    What The Freak Is Going On?

I Say I'm an Independent    Liars and Cheaters

February 2007 (5)

On Being Cold     Forget the Constitution, It's a Time of War!

God or ET?    The Picard Maneuver    All Good Things Must Come To An End

January 2007 (4)

Happy 2007!      W is an Environmentalist!     

Lift the Veil of Secrecy      No Child Left Un-Brainwashed

December 2006 (5)

Merry Christmas (Part One of Three)      Merry Christmas (Part Two of Three) 

Merry Christmas (Part Three of Three)    Pardon Me Mr. President

Toss Another Body on the Pile

November 2006 (6)

Fall Has Fell... Cool!    A Gun to Her Head    Saddam Guilty? What a Shock!     

The Federal Government Stops!      Something Bush Forgot

 The Murder of Crows

October 2006 (5)

That's Soo Cool!      That Blows!      Codename: Baggage Handler

Walk, Don't Run      Halloween... Boo Humbug!

September 2006 (3)

800 People Died While I Took a Dump      Dying of Embarrassment

Money is the Root of All Happiness

August 2006 (3)

Simply Elegant      Take Me Back      Da Bears

July 2006 (6)

Time Flies When You're Having Fun      Let It Burn      Work the Lock

What's With the Hair?      Happy Blogiversary!      Wheelchairs of Death

June 2006 (10)

6 6 6      You're Grounded      I Flunked Latin      Yay! He's Dead!

Tanka. You're welcome.      Happy Father's Day      Because Their Ideas Are Better

Call Me Martyr      Some People Need a Little Poke      That's What Dads Are For

May 2006 (14)

It's Called Illegal For a Reason      Slipping the Surly Bonds of Earth

It's Sunny Somewhere      Glory Lasts Forever      Cakewalk

I Told You So      Let Freedom Ring      Happy Mother's Day      Plastic Surgery

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness    Lights, Camera, Action    Memorial Day

Guns and Crime      More Power!

April 2006 (7)

A Date That Will Live in Infamy     I Hate Hate      Being Laughed at for Knowing Stuff

Noisy Neighbors    The Chicken or the Egg    Beavis and Butthead    Remembering Dorothy

March 2006 (5)

Bird Poop      It's Called a Nano       Spring in Four Days

Talk About Class      A Big Problem

February 2006 (9)

Ugly Thoughts      Yawns      Cream   My Boss Got Fired Today   Stupid or Ignorant   Intent

Shakespeare     Topless Bars and Rental Cars     How Far Can Non-Violence Take You?

January 2006 (4)

Happy New Year     Life Isn't Fair   Let's Play Twister    Life is a Test

December 2005 (12)

Christmas Haiku      Jesus' Birth     Liberals Be Proud!      Panhandlers vs. The Needy

Hoods, Hats, and Not Hats    You Can't Possibly Understand My Pain   Haiku 12/10/05

Who Cares About Global Warming?    Happy Chriskwanukah!       I Saw Stacy Keach

I Saw My Father Today    I Saw A Thirty Foot Tall Santa

November 2005 (12)

Sin and Soda Pop      Reflections of a Beautiful Woman   Would Things Be Different?

2000 Thank You's and Counting   Why are Fat People Fat?      From A Galaxy Far Far Away

Readers Are Leaders       What is the best thing about winter?   What's In A Name?    Thanksgiving

Canadians; Ya Gotta Luv Um, Eh?   Scrooge's Spirit Is Alive and Well 

October 2005 (15)

All Humans are Equal    Redundancy and Repetition   Religious Fanaticism   Should Work Be Rewarded

Haiku      Two Vices Each      The Bottle   Go Ahead, Make My Day!   Haiku 2      Haiku is Cool

Colorful Language   School Uniforms   Explanations, Reasons, and Excuses

Congratulations Chicago White Sox!   It's Halloween, Give Me Some Candy!

September 2005 (7)

Inclusionism      Katrina      The Work Ethic

A Conversation on a Cell Phone    What Should You Say to the Religious Right-Wing Fanatics?

Some People Just Dont Get It      What is a Socialist?

August 2005 (1)

 Is Anyone Honorable Anymore? 

July 2005 (7)

Blog Intro      War or Peace    Religion The Third Rail of Interpersonal Relationships

Why should the rich pay more taxes?      Riding the Bus     Republicrat or Demican    Over the Hill?




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